Famous Muslim celebrities left showbiz for religion

The “Islam Vs Art argument” is as old as Islam itself, though many scholars hold that Islam forbids art there are many who believe art; that is close to human nature and does not promote anti-Islamic teachings is lawful and permitted by Islam. As of now, our entertainment industry is lead by people who neither understand nor care about the Islamic principles ergo many celebrities who want to groom themselves into a better Muslim find it fit to leave show-biz instead of staying and working on Islamization of the industry which is a task not impossible but unquestionably closest to impossible.

Zaira Wasim

Early this year famous Kashmiri Girl Zaira Khan also called Dangal Girl 18, left Bollywood for her religion, saying that the profession “threatened” her relationship with her religion. “This journey has been exhausting, to battle my soul for so long,” she wrote in a lengthy Facebook post

Zaira Wasim
Zaira Wasim Famous Muslim celebrities left showbiz for religion
Sara Chaudhry:

She is a famous Pakistani actress, she left showbiz and then she turned to an Islamic scholar. She worked in showbiz for almost 11 years, her popular Pakistani dramas were “Tareekian”, “Malangi”, “Din Dhaly” and also “Dil Diya Dehleez” and also “Tere Pehlu Main”, “Tere janey ke baad. She got married with some Dubai based Pakistani businessman named by Faisal Khan.

Sara Chaudhary – Pakistani actress who left showbiz for religion
Junaid Jamshed

He was from a famous and popular pop band named by “vital signs”, in 2002, we saw that he released his last music album named by dil ki baat”, he then concentrating on religion. He has also a boutique “JJ.”.

Junaid Jamshad – Pakistani Singer who left showbiz for religion

Noor Bukhari

Noor emerged as a leading actress in the 2000s after starring in Mujhe Chand Chahiye opposite Shaan Shahid. She bagged leading roles in many movies over the years. To top it off, she has enjoyed immense popularity as a morning show host.

Noor Bukhari – Pakistani actress who left showbiz for religion
Sataesh Khan

She was the talented model and actress of Pakistan, she left the glamour and reverted towards Islam, she is also in contact with Sarah Chaudhry. Her famous serial was Tere Pehlu Main.

Sataesh Khan – Pakistani actress who left showbiz for religion
Ali Afzal

He also left Showbiz in the year of 2014, he has been in media since the ’90s and he worked in many of the dramas and commercials.

Ali Afzal – Pakistani actor who left showbiz for religion

She did many of the stage shows and films, she had been working for 20 years in the Lollywood, she has now turned to be a religious woman. She called a press conference and told the media that she has now taken this decision.

Nargis – Pakistani actress who left showbiz for religion