Tourist heading to neelum valley to enjoy its eternal beauty

What are the best places to visit in Neelum Valley?

Neelum Valley is the third destination in Pakistan with highest tourists, places to visit in Neelum are,

  1. Baboon Valley
  2. Ratti Gali Lake
  3. Chitta Khatta lake
  4. Patlian Lake
  5. Keran
  6. Kutton
  7. Sharda
  8. Kel
  9. Arrang Kel
  10. Taobutt

If you want to explore the real beauty of neelum valley then start from Ratti Gali lake. It offers a beautiful hike accompanied by Marvelous scenery. Then you should visit Arang Kel, then Sardari and whole Shounther valley along with Chitta Katha lake.

A View of Kutton Resort in neelum Valley.

Neelum Valley is a magnificent nature’s marvel with freshwater streams and rivers. Surrounded by sparsely populated hamlets, lush meadows and pine forests, Neelum Valley is the largest valley in the northern region. Also known as the ‘Paradise of Kashmir’ Neelum Valley is named after the most precious gemstone, Sapphire. Before partition, the region was known as Drawah.

However, by 1956 the Azad Kashmir government decided to name the Drawah region as Neelum Valley. The name was suggested by a war hero Syed Muhammad Amin as River Neelum flows through the valley providing a serene and quaint atmosphere.

In Neelum Valley you can visit Ratti Gali Lake, Kel, Kutton, Tao Butt, Keran & Upper Neelum, Muzaffarabad, Kundal Shahi, Sharda, Arang Kel.

There are various budget-friendly hotels available for tourists and visitors, including the famous Keran and Kutton resorts. These economical resorts offer international level services and facilities including proper air conditioning/electric heaters, 24-hour room service and comfortable ambience.

Other hotels including State Continental hotel situated at Kutton Neelum Valley, Valley Trekker lodges in Sharda and Kashmir Lodges Muzaffarabad offer economical and comfortable billet and services to their customers.

Tourists can also enjoy Kashmiri food and beverages including the famous ‘Kashmiri Chai’, Kashmiri rice and Koftay (meat dumplings). Similarly, these hotels also include an on-site restaurant which offers savoury and tasty Pakistani and Chinese cuisines.